South African SALT Time Allocation Committee

Current members of  SASTAC are:

  • David Gilbank  (SAAO, extragalactic)
  • Éric Depagne  (SAAO/SALT, stellar)
  • Matt Hilton (UKZN, extragalactic, Chair)
  • Alexei Kniazev  (SAAO/SALT, extragalactic)
  • Brian Van Soelen (UFS, stellar)
  • Patrick Woudt (UCT, stellar)

THE TERMS OF REFERENCE, the constitution if you will, for SASTAC are summarised in SASTAC Terms of Reference (27 Jan 2016).

Criteria for time allocation (27 Jan 2016) with a collection of suggestions from the previous rounds of SASTAC allocations

Summaries of the proposals received by the SASTAC (as prepared by Steve Crawford) and the letters sent to the community after each proposal round:

summary 2011-3
letter 2011

summary 2012-1
letter 2012-1

summary 2012-2
letter 2012-2

letter 2013-1

summary 2013-2
letter 2013-2

summary 2014-1