Download Data and Calibrations

The Principal Contact (PC) of the proposal will receive an email with download instructions as soon as the data are ready to be downloaded, generally the morning after the data have been taken.

Due to disk space constraints, the data will remain on our ftp server only for two weeks.

As a Principal Contact, Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator you may request a dataset again. Please visit the Web Manager and load the relevant proposal. The data can be requested in the last column from the same table listing the observations taken for the proposal.

Similarly, standard star calibrations taken with the same setting as the proposal may also be requested from a button located the bottom of the table listing all the observations taken for the proposal.

The relevant data will then be placed in the public ftp server for another two weeks, and you will be notified by automated email when the data are ready to be retrieved. This should happen fairly quickly, so please contact us at if you do not receive the email notification within 24 hours.

HRS Calibration Data

All HRS calibration data are now available at:

The user’s WM username and password will give access to these directories.  Following the directory structure for the different types of data as well as from different dates.

Non-proprietary (commissioning) data

A new data archive for searching data is available at