South African SALT Time Allocation Committee

Current members of  SASTAC are:

  • Nicolas Erasmus (SAAO, stellar/planetary)
  • Danièl Groenewald (SAAO, extragalactic)
  • Matt Hilton (UKZN, extragalactic)
  • Vanessa McBride (SAAO/OAD, stellar)
  • Itumeleng Monageng (UCT, stellar, Chair)
  • Mpati Ramatsoku (Rhodes, extragalactic)

See this document for past SASTAC members.

THE TERMS OF REFERENCE, the constitution if you will, for SASTAC are summarised in SASTAC Terms of Reference (as amended in April 2019).

Criteria for time allocation (27 Jan 2016) with a collection of suggestions from the previous rounds of SASTAC allocations