Phase I Proposal Templates

The main items that need to be entered in the PIPT are:

  • investigator details
  • required observation conditions
  • target details (if known)
  • instrument(s) and mode(s) required (if known)
  • basic description of program and technical justification
  • a list of proposals previously submitted by the PI and their current status (optional for some partners)
  • scientific justification & description (optional for some partners, but at least some description will be helpful for Ast Ops when it comes to understanding the program’s aims.)
  • progress report on previous proposals
  • role of PI on the current proposal (SASTAC only)

While some of these points are entered in the respective boxes in the PIPT form, others must be included in the form as a PDF.

This PDF must have at most four pages (or eight pages for Large Science proposals). We have generated templates in MS-Word, Open Office and LaTeX. Note that all of these may change from semester to semester.

Proposal templates for the 2024-2 semester

Normal proposals

Large Science proposals

LaTeX document class (for both normal and Large Science proposals)

The document class file must be called saltproposal.cls and must be in a location where it can be found by LaTeX. One option is to put it in the same directory as the LaTeX file you are compiling. Please see your LaTeX documentation for other options.

Framed package

The LaTeX templates require the framed package. If that package isn’t included in your LaTeX distribution, you can download it here:

As with the document class, an option is to put this style file in the same directory as the LaTeX file you are compiling.

Generating the proposal pdf document

The PIPT then generates a Phase I proposal document in pdf format, which is what is sent to the respective TACs for assessment, together with summary statistical information (e.g. target coordinate distribution, range of required conditions, etc.).

See the Phase I FAQ for tips on using the templates (e.g. figures in the LaTeX version).