Science Paper Acknowledgements

All science papers that include SALT data which are submitted for publication in refereed science journals must include the following words of acknowledgment:

“All/some [choose whichever is appropriate] of the observations reported in this paper were obtained with the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT).”

In addition, a footnote symbol should appear after the paper title*, and the following text should be written as a footnote:

*based on observations made with the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT)

Please include the Proposal Code and Principle Investigator for the observations in the paper. This could be done in the footnote (e.g. …(SALT) under program 2012-2-* (PI: YourName)), the observations or acknowledgements section of the paper.

Those publishing data from proposals that were awarded Polish SALT time must also include the following acknowledgement in their paper:

“Polish participation in SALT is funded by grant No. MEiN nr 2021/WK/01.”

If you use data reduced by the SALT science pipeline or use the PySALT software, please provide a link to ‘’ and cite the following paper:

  • Crawford, S.M., Still, M., Schellart, P., Balona, L., Buckley, D.A.H., Gulbis, A.A.S., Kniazev, A., Kotze, M., Loaring, N., Nordsieck, K.H., Pickering, T.E., Potter, S., Romero Colmenero, E., Vaisanen, P., Wiliams, T., Zietsman, E., 2010. PySALT: the SALT Science Pipeline. SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation, 7737-82. [ADS] [PDF]

We also strongly encourage users to cite the relevant reference papers in their published work.