Reference Papers

We strongly encourage users to cite any of the following reference papers in their published work:

  • SALT: Buckley, Swart & Meiring 2006, SPIE, 6267,32 [ADS]
  • SALTICAM: O’Donoghue, Buckley, Balona et al. 2006, MNRAS, 372, 151[ADS]
  • RSS: Burgh, Nordsieck, Kobulnicky et al. 2003, SPIE, 4841, 1463 [ADS]
  • RSS: Kobulnicky, Nordsieck, Burgh et al. 2003 SPIE, 4841, 1634 [ADS]
  • RSS Fabry-Perot: Rangwala, Williams, Pietraszewski & Joseph 2008, AJ, 135, 1825 [ADS]
  • BVIT: Siegmund, O.H.W.S., McPhate, J., Tremsin, A., Vallerga, J., Welsh, B.Y. and Wheatley, J.,  2008, High time resolution astrophysics with the BVIT in The Universe at Sub-Second Timescales, AIP Conf. Proc., Vol. 984, 103-114.
  • PYSALT: Crawford, Still, Schellart et al., 2010, PySALT: the SALT Science Pipeline, SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation, 7737-82. [ADS] [PDF]

There are also some other selected publications which may be of interest, grouped according to their area of relevance: