Instrumentation Availability

  • RSS
    • Longslit: Available.
    • MOS: Available. See the MOS page for the latest info.
    • Polarimetry:  Available.
    • Fabry-Perot:  Available. See the FP page for the latest info.
      • Possible modes: LR and HR modes available.
    • See the telescope status for a live list of currently installed RSS filters.
    • Functional Performance Requirements Document (FPRD) tabular version 2.12 PDF
    • Ken Nordsieck’s RSS status board presentation (May 2013) PDF
  • BVIT
  • HRS
    • Available.
    • All the HRS modes are operational, although currently limited to 1×1 binning. In addition, the red detector is restricted to a fast (1000KHz) readout with a single (1) amplifier, while the blue detect    or is restricted to a slow (400KHz) readout with multiple (2) amplifiers.

The call for proposals document contains further details on the status of each instrument and individual observing modes.